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Bpifrance Inno Generation 4 - Accelerate corporate - startups relationships

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During Bpifrance Inno Generation that took place on October 11th, and in partnerhsip with Bpifrance Le Hub, we led a Workshop on how to accelerate corporate - startups relationships.

The collaboration between startups and big corporations is necessary but often delicate. How to set up an innovation strategy? What are the good levers for accelerating collaborations? During the workshop, our CEO Daniel Jarjoura and Bpifrance Cecile Brosset first presented the different stages of collaboration (POC, strategic partnership, minority investment, majority investment, M&A...) and, for each tool, why? for who ? how? etc. The masterclass was followed by a panel moderated by Daniel Jarjoura with: Cécile Brosset, Claire Calmejane (Societe Generale), Anne-Laure Feldkircher (Fnac Darty Group) and Adrien Aumont (KissKissBankBank).

Discover the full video (in French):

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