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Customer Case Study - Courrier International

The challenge

The world of print media is currently going through a period of strong transition to digital and it has become essential for titles such as Courrier International to encourage all its employees to embrace the digital revolution. The management Courrier International wanted them to organise an event for all their employees to understand how digital solutions can help them in their day-to-day work.

How we helped

We organised a 1 day event for all 80 employees of Courrier International, which goal was to demonstrate that digital tools have become intuitive, easy to use and above all that they enable gains in day-to-day productivity. To fulfill this objective, we designed an atypical workshop, using the IFTTT software as a teaching aid. During this workshop, and in groups of 10, the collaborators had to realise interconnections between different Internet services thanks to the IFTTT software, accompanied by experts from the startup ecosystem.

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