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Customer Case Study - Danone

The Challenge

Danone SRC team wished to develop 2 internal digital applications to improve collaboration with suppliers and increase application of circular economy concepts when it comes to the use of plastic, while working at startup speed.

How we helped

We organised a 2-day innovation sprint with all stakeholders at Danone to collaboratively design both applications’ user experiences and create 2 prototypes that were tested on the spot. Participants were split in 2 groups, each of them being facilitated by an entrepreneur. The night of the 1st day, they also met with several circular economy entrepreneurs to get inspired and debate.

What our customer said

“The best words to summarize these 2 days are pragmatism, simple, and a new state of mind in terms of work methodology. For each of the 2 use cases, we have straightforward actions that can be put in place in the next few months, where we usually need 1,5 year to setup.”

Jean-Yves Broussy - VP Strategic Resource Cycle Projects @ Danone

The video

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