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Customer Case Study - Direct Energie

The challenge

Direct Energie (now part of Total group), is an alternative electric utility company in France. They wanted to create a digital solution to help both their customers and prospects to reduce their electricity bill by share good practices.

How we helped

We organised a 3-day design sprint with all stakeholders at Direct Energie to assess customers’ challenges related to lowering their electricity bill and then collaboratively design the solution to answer the identified challenges. The result: Jo, the electricity coach, a digital chatbot that helps consumers reduce their electricity bill. Highlight of the workshop: prototyping the chatbot without a single line of code and inviting real customers to test it out at the end of the session.

What our customer said

“It’s definitely a new way of working because the methodology forces us to go fast and take decisions not based on consensus but based on testing. It was really different than traditional meetings and brainstormings.”

Mathilde Chapon - Marketing Manager @ Direct Energie

The video

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