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Customer Case Study - Sanofi

The challenge

Sanofi Asia leadership team wanted to promote the innovation spirit within their respective teams. While every employee understands that innovation is important, executives have found that their good financial results and culture have slowed down risk taking in their teams.

How we helped

We organised a 2,5-day workshop for the leadership team, balancing inspiration (meeting with healthcare innovators) with action (solving their current business challenges innovatively). To help them with the latter, we formed small groups with an entrepreneur helping the participants in each one. The result: a list of very pragmatic actions to promote innovation in their respective countries.

What our customer said

“They really put pressure on us to stop thinking in a traditional way. What I've learned is that if you do not fail enough in the space of a few months you do not think enough outside the box. It's really something that I would talk to my team.”

Kelly LAM - Head of MCO Hong Kong and Taiwan @ Sanofi

The video

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