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Customer Case Study - TF1

The challenge

Following the deployment of Microsoft Office 365 and Yammer within the TF1 Group in 2015, TF1 University had decided to put in place a general training plan to compensate for the low use of these tools and to increase the interest of the 2,600 collaborators for digital topics.

How we helped

We designed and organised collaborative workshops, in small groups of 12 people, to really learn how to use the new digital tools. During 3 hours, participants solved a series of challenges inspired by their daily work, using the digital tools. Each participant had a series of incomplete instructions that they must put into practice in collaboration with their colleagues. The role of the facilitator was to put each tool in front of its uses and to help the participants solving the proposed challenges.

What our customer said

"The objective for TF1 group was to make all employees evolve so that they could be actors in the digital transformation. What we particularly liked about H2 is the innovative teaching methods and the quality of the trainers, which were very inspiring. They are entrepreneurs, experts, in fact people from a wide variety of backgrounds."

Viviane Gourdon, former Training Manager @ TF1

The video

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